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Five Keys to Successful Marketing for the Education Sector and memosa Education Group  would like to introduce to you a service which can help your market development globally . We are a team of education experts with many years of experience in dealing with international students especially for Year 3 – Year 12 and we can assist you at every step along the way.

  1. Use Video Marketing. …
  2. Encourage User-Generated Content. …
  3. Take Advantage of Social Media. …
  4. Create a Mobile Strategy. …
  5. Implement Segmented Email Marketing.
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Marketing of education is gaining momentum with the entry of private institutions, change in people’s attitude towards education and the changing scope for the different courses being offered. The technological
changes and shrinking global boundaries have increased the significance of marketing for education services.  The education service can be described as a high contact, consumer and people based service . However, innovative methods like using multi-media kits while providing the service are making interaction between and instructor and student less significant. With the changes in customer
education and the job market, the market for unconventional courses is increasing. So no marketer can afford  to ignore these markets. As the education service is intangible, inseparable and perishable, certain implications  exist for marketing. And service quality is not consistent for all customers, or even a single customer at all  times. So the marketers’ job becomes tough. They are required to ensure that these features of the education  service are better utilized to meet the varying needs of customers.

We are a totally independent company dedicated to providing a high level of educational services to Education provider .  Memosa Education Group provide a professional services which are listed in a special classified directory for more information, please contact us .


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